Marvel Organics
Crop residues processing
# Practice
Acceleration of afterharvesing remains and substandard vegetables processing
Microorganisms biocenosis in Marvel Organics products is perfectly composed to perform leading functions:
• Decomposition and destruction of plant residues cellulose;
• Microbiological disinfection of plant residues from pathogenic and opportunistic pathogenic microorganisms - bacteria and fungi, antiparasitic activity;
• Suppression of reproduction and development of phytopathogenic bacteria and fungi including enterobacteria;
• Decomposition of complex organic pollutants to carbon dioxide and water which harmless to soil microbiocenosis.
Microorganisms effectively suppress phytopathogens development, neutralize phytotoxins, accelerate decomposition processes and improve biological activity of soil biota, agrochemical composition and physical condition of soil.
Substandard vegetables processing into organic fertilizers
Test place: Russia, Moscow region, Bunyatino village
Organic raw materials: Substandard vegetable products consisting of potatoe, carrot, beet, onion, and cabbage (excluding cabbage leaves).
Objective: To obtain organic fertilizer to be applied on the fields
Marvel Organic application rate: 1 liter per 1 ton of ground working mixture
Thickening component: Peat
Humidity percent of compost mixture: 60-70%
Fermentation period: from November 5, 2017 to November 25, 2017 (3 weeks) (upon reduction of temperature in fermenter from 70°C to 40°C)

Results: no unpleasant putrefactive smell, crumbly structure, rich brown color contributing to excellent marketable condition of the final product. The final product is compliant with GOST P 53117-2008.

NPK mass fraction:
N 2.8%, P 1.12%, K 1.18%, Corg 48%
Federal State Budgetary Institution "Tver Interregional Veterinary Laboratory" data
State license number AAC.A.00170