Marvel Organics
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Product for crop growing
Microbiological fertilizer for soil and plant treatment during all vegetational season
Certain problems of farmers
We can solve
Soil degradation
Intensive application of chemical crop protection agents and fertilizers leads to degradations of cultivated soil, to consistent decrease in soil fertility and negatively changes its physical-chemical and microbiological composition
Soil microbiome change
Soil microbiome degradation results in decrease of biological productivity of plants and low level of nutrition. It impacts the immunity of plants and they worse resist pathogenetic microorganisms and diseases
Excessive chemicalization
There over 500 species of crop pests registered in the world and over 180 phytopathogen classes resistible to at least one applied pesticide
Our solution
Marvel Organics microbiological fertilizer
That is what matters
In healthy soil the rhizosphere (plants' root zone) is always populated with plenty of microorganisms which jointly work to stimulate plants growth, provide plants nutrition and protection. That is why the presence of not only some certain strains but also a wide range of co-existing soil microorganisms is of great significance. Following this principle we have developed the Marvel Organics microbiological fertilizer.
    Healthy soil microbiome is a mandatory condition of good natural immunity of plants against diseases and phytopathogens.
    How Marvel Organics works
    Enriches soil
    The impoverished soil microbiome is restored and the processes of humification and organic matter destruction are improved
    Boosts crop yields
    Productivity increases by 10 - 45% depending on the climatic area and soil conditions
    Reduces nitrates
    The level of nitrates in fruit crops decreases by 40–80% improving palatability traits and quality characteristics of product.
    Less fertilizer
    Mineral fertilizers dose can be reduced by 20 - 30% due to better and effective plant nutrition
    Improves nitrogen fixation
    Facilitates active free nitrogen fixation by rhizosphere microorganisms.
    Protects seeds and plants
    Active antipathogen microbiome suppresses the causative agents of fungal and bacterial plant diseases
    Environmental friendliness
    Shelf life
    Storage and transportation
    Marvel Organics Composition
    The complex of soil microorganisms including:
    • Bacillus subtilis
    • Bacillus mycoides
    • Azotobacter chroococcum
    • Pseudomonas fluorescens
    • Bacillus megaterium
    • Bacillus Licheniformis
    • Etc
    Biologically active elements:
    • Growth regulators of microbial origin
    • Vitamins
    • L-amino acids
    • Peptides
    • Poly- and oligosaccharides
    Strain cells concentration: 1.4*10^7 CFU/ml.
    Compliance with environmental and safety requirements
    Marvel Organics product complies with the standards and principles of organic agriculture and does not harm plants and soil. Fertilizer overdose and the subsequent negative effect on plants are excluded.

    Class of hazard: IV hazard class according to Sanitary Rules and Regulations, low-hazard substance, flame- and explosion proof.
    Acidity (pH): 7 ± 0.5.
    No skin resorptive and sensitizing properties. While working with the fertilizer protective gloves and face masks are not required.
    Guaranteed shelf life
    2 years from the date of manufacture, provided the storage and transportation conditions are observed.
    Storage and transportation conditions
    Shall be stored and transported at temperature from +3°С to +35°С in undisturbed sealed original packaging, store out of direct sunlight.
    Recommendation for Marvel Organics application
    We recommend to perform the crop-residues management every autumn. It facilitates organics splitting in soil and normal humification processes. In this case in spring the plants receive earlier and full nutrition and get protected from pathogenic bacteria.
    Marvel Organics Consumption: 10L/ha
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